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Web Hosting

Hi! My name is Renee Matt and I am the editor of the Everything Pantry website. It has been my dream to bring a successful hobby website to life on the Internet. It is a content-based website where I make my money through product referrals. If my website is down, people won't find me, and I won't earn my living. I love what I do, but dealing with poor web hosting service can be very frustrating.


After an experience where my website was constantly down and missing stats, I did my homework and found Host Gator. I was worried that they would be able to transfer my precious information and databases to a new webhost. I have been through the transfer process before, and I braced myself for a tedious process.


I honestly can say I was in shock at how smoothly the process went. The technicians were a pleasure to deal with and my website is actually UP! I have not chosen to endorse a web hosting company until now, but can say with a clear conscience that you will be quite happy with web hosting services from Host Gator.