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Large White Lazy Susan Turntable Sale Price: $26.99 - $32.99
This Large Lazy Susan Turntable will allow you to make efficient use of cabinet space. A full 21" in diameter with a weight capacity of 150 lbs, this turntable can hold almost anything! The cabinet carousel features a 3/4" lip all around to keep items from falling off. The large capacity makes it perfect…
Lazy Susan Turntable - 9 Inch Price: $10.99
Use all of your cabinet and counter top space efficiently with this Lazy Susan Turntable. Easily organize and access food and spices in a cupboard, or use a service tool on the dining table. This Lazy Susan is just as useful outside of the kitchen. This cabinet carousel does not have a lip, so you can…
Two-Tiered 12 Inch Turntable Sale Price: $14.99
The Two-Tiered 12" Turntable makes a great cabinet organizer anywhere in your house. They make efficient use of all the storage space of your kitchen cabinets and counters. This lazy Susan has two large turntables for maximum storage space and a 360 degree revolving easy-glide base that makes everything…
Lazy Susan Turntable - Stainless Steel Price: $16.99
This spinning tray is perfect for organizing and providing easy access to food items in the refrigerator, cabinet, or pantry. You can also use this Stainless Steel Lazy Susan as a serving tray on the table. The Stainless Steel Lazy Susan features brushed stainless steel construction to prevent rust…
Bamboo 14 Inch Lazy Susan Turntable Price: $21.99
…fingertips with a 14 Inch Bamboo Lazy Susan Turntable. This convenient kitchen accessory is made entirely with stylish, environmentally friendly bamboo and has a smooth rotating design to keep spices, condiments and dressings easily accessible. Bamboo 14 Inch Turntable Features Made with durable, eco-friendly…
OXO Good Grips Two-Tier Turntable Price: $24.99
…everything you need with the OXO Good Grips Two-Tier Turntable. Top tier splits so it can fit around tall cooking wine or olive oil bottles while still be able to accommodate spice jars, or smaller jars of sauces or seasonings. OXO Good Grips Two-Tier Turntable features Multiple configurations for maximizing…
12 Inch Non-Slip Lazy Susan Turntable Price: $8.99
…and organized with the versatile 12 Inch Non-Slip Lazy Susan Turntable. This handy spinning cabinet organizer is ideal for simple storage and retrieval of spices, condiments, cleaning products and so much more! 12 Inch Non-Slip Turntable Features Stainless steel bearings provide smooth and easy turning…
Two-Level Clear Lazy Susan Turntable - 11 Inch Price: $15.99
…Clear Plastic Lazy Susan Turntable. This durable and practical cabinet organizer features a raised center level for keeping smaller containers easy to find, and a smooth rotating design that ensures all your spices are always within reach. Linus Two-Level Kitchen Turntable Features Made with durable…
Divided Lazy Susan Turntable - 11 1/2 Inch Sale Price: $12.99
…Plastic Divided Lazy Susan Turntable. Great for the kitchen cabinet, tabletop or countertop; this lazy susan is divided into four sections to organize items, and spins freely on durable stainless steel ball bearings to keep all contents handy. Linus 11 1/2" Divided Turntable Features Rugged, crystal clear…