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Two-Tier 10 Inch Lazy Susan Turntable Price: $9.99
These lazy Susan turntables make great cabinet organizers anywhere in your house. They make efficient use of all the storage space of your kitchen cabinets and counters. The convenient size makes this lazy Susan turntable perfect for spices and small jars or bottles. The turntable features a roller…
Lazy Susan Turntable - 16 Inch Wood Sale Price: $17.99
This lazy susan turntable makes a great cabinet organizer anywhere in your house. It makes efficient use of all the storage space of your kitchen cabinets and counters. The lazy susan features a 2" rail all around the turntable to help keep items from falling off. The large capacity makes it great for…
Stainless Two-Tier Lazy Susan Turntable Price: $25.99
Literally double your storage space with this Stainless Steel Two Tier Lazy Susan. A single Lazy Susan may organize things in your shelf, but this double decker allows you to utilize vertical space, too! The height between the two shelves of this rotating organizer is 5.25". The two trays give you…
10 Inch Lazy Susan Turntable with Grip Surface Price: $6.99
…Susan Turntable with Nylon Grip Surface. The rotating turntable design and non-slip surface make this spinning organizer ideal for simple storage of items in a cupboard, pantry, refrigerator, or on a table or countertop. Cabinet Turntable Features Constructed with durable white plastic. Turntable lined…
Silver Mesh Spinning Organizer Price: $14.99
…Silver Mesh Spinning Organizer. Great for a desk in the office, a cabinet shelf, or diner tabletop, the turntable offers four compartments for simple storage of frequently used items. Silver Mesh Turntable Features Constructed with sleek silver mesh and sturdy metal wire frame. Weighted metal base for added…
Clear Turntable Price: $14.99 - $24.99
…Lazy Susan. This durable turntable is ideal for kitchen cabinets, pantries and even bathroom cabinets, and keeps all of your items right at your fingertips. The spin tray can also hold kitchen accessories or food right on your table or countertop. This Lazy Susan Turntable, available in a diameter of…
18 Inch Clear Lazy Susan Turntable Price: $26.99
This Large Lazy Susan Turntable will allow you to make efficient use of cabinet space. A full 18" in diameter with a weight capacity of 150 lbs, this turntable can hold almost anything! The cabinet carousel features a 3/4" lip all around to keep items from falling off. The large capacity makes it perfect…
18 Inch Glass Lazy Susan Turntable Price: $38.99
Keep condiments and napkins easily accessible for everyone at the table with an 18 Inch Tempered Glass Lazy Susan Turntable. This lazy susan features a center hole that is ideal for use on patio or picnic tables with umbrellas, and is constructed with durable, weather resistant materials to provide reliable…
White Lazy Susan Turntable Price: $6.99 - $9.99
…countertops without limiting access to items. A White Lazy Susan Turntable is a simple, yet efficient way to conveniently store items in crowded cabinets, under a sink, or in a closet. Available in a nine or 12 inch diameter. This cabinet turntable is constructed with durable white plastic and features a non…