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Pie safe and jelly cupboards, popular features in the 19th century kitchen, are easily confused. Both are freestanding storage units. Antique pie safes often feature pierced tin panels or screens with punched star-shaped designs, either on the front or sides. A pie safe or kitchen safe was a ventilated cabinet that held pies, bread, meat or other perishable food which kept insects out and allowed air in. They typically have a row of small drawers at the top and three shelves made for holding baked goods.


Antique jelly cupboards are similar to pie safes as they also have small upper drawers and three inner shelves. The main difference is a scalloped piece of wood that decorates the back of these antique kitchen cabinets. The cabinets were usually 52 inches high with a few drawers above a pair of paneled doors. The jelly or jam cabinet was used to store jam, jelly, tea and other foods. American antique jelly cupboards typically date back to the 1860s and were also effective in keeping pests out of the food.