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Pantry Types:

Walk-In Pantry

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Walk-In Pantry is the most popular pantry design today in modern kitchens.  The walk-in pantry is the ultimate in practicality, ease of use, and function.


Walk-in pantries range in size from a tiny room to a multi-functional area that may share space with other task locations, like laundry facilities.  The larger rooms even incorporate an extra refrigerator or freezer. 


The pros and cons of a walk-in pantry:


That beautiful, abundant room that you are dreaming about could turn out to be the “black hole” of the kitchen.  Combat this through intelligent use of pantry shelving and pantry organizers.  Start with a pantry design plan that incorporates space for users to move freely. 

So many times, the pantry is squeezed into a leftover space - even worse when that space is odd-shaped.  For maximum pantry storage productivity, leave the angles out!

Probably the most-loved feature of a walk-in pantry is getting to see all of your food items at one time.  It really is the most practical approach to accessing your food.  Even if you have orderly pantry shelves, great satisfaction is taken in closing the pantry door and letting the main kitchen take center stage. 


Walk-in pantries are economical; cabinetry cost doesn’t match the utility of walk-ins per dollar.  All wall space is utilized.  Also, consider this:  if you wanted to update your kitchen with new cabinets, that cost would not apply to your pantry (unless of course it was a butler’s pantry).