Pantry box history and its uses from Everything Pantry

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  A pantry box is considered an antique.  Typically, pantry boxes were either oval or round in shape of wood composition with a snug-fitting lid to match.  They were the precursor of today's plastic storage bags and containers.

     Pantry boxes were perfect for cheeses, round bread loaves, or dried food/staples such as rice, corn, beans, flour, sugar, or salt in the pantries of yesteryear.  These handy containers were put to other uses and may have even stored buttons, letters, or other trinkets. 

    Pantry boxes were popular with the colonial crowd and its practicality carried over into the Victorian Age.   Their endearing charm and example of early American fine craftsmanship make them a hot collectible item. Simple, unadorned boxes are as popular as the rarer, painted folk art pantry boxes.

     If you are interested in vintage wood boxes, primitive wood boxes, or other collectible kitchen Americana, you may be interested Neat and Tidy: Boxes and Their Contents Used in Early American Householdspantry box by Nina Fletcher.