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Pantry Closet


pantry closet

Pantry Closet or Closet Pantry is a typical space for pantries in many homes.  The definition of a pantry closet or walk-in pantry closet can be somewhat blurred.  Some pantry closets are big enough to step into, but their small size does not qualify them to be called a walk-in pantry closet. 

Pantry closets may also refer to free-standing units/cabinets such as a metal pantry cabinet.


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kitchen pantry design ideas



Is it a good idea to convert a coat closet into a pantry ??

  • If the closet is near the kitchen, it is a wise decision, a coat rack or coat tree can be utilized in place of the closet

  • If you resale your house, you have the advantage of listing a pantry as a feature your house includes.



Walk-In Pantry

kitchen pantry floor plan kitchen pantry design ideas


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Corner Pantry Closet is a kitchen layout arrangement that locates a closet in the corner of the kitchen design.  The minimum for a corner pantry to work is four foot of wall space; this will allow for only a 24" door.  Viewing our floor plan, you can see that this allows for adjacent 24" deep cabinets next to a corner pantry design. 








corner pantry


corner pantry


Plans on the InternetComplete Pantry Guide


New! READ OUR NEW Pantry Design Book and see updated pantry plans!


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From PLANS NOW:  The perfect storage solution! Remove two upper cabinets in your existing layout and install this pantry in their place.

From NEW WOODWORKER:   A very large, pantry cupboard plan, similar to an armoire in size.