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The Complete Kitchen Pantry BookLooking for PANTRY DESIGN/ PICTURES/PLANS and can't find anything EXCITING or NEW?

Are you trying to VISUALIZE
SIZE and need help?

Want a pantry desperately
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Well, good news…
"The Complete Kitchen Pantry Guide" has arrived!

“The most INGENIOUS, UNIMAGINABLE, and UNRIVALED kitchen pantry designs ever seen by your
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Hi! My name is Renee Matt, editor of In my earlier career, I was a kitchen designer, and still remain a home-improvement enthusiast. I am especially passionate about pantries, but was disappointed to find a lack of resources for designing a pantry, management, and organization. Then I began to dig deeper. I collected information on buying tips, products, organization strategies, building considerations and one-of-a-kind ideas to build my own pantry. Before I knew it, I had easily collected over 180 pages of pantry ideas. I was excited - this wisdom would be as essential to pantry enthusiasts as the Betty Crocker cookbook is to kitchen cooks!

Example of butler pantryI wanted to make this book a real resource. The way to go was LOTS of pictures from REAL people depicting their design challenges on what worked and did not work for them. I was not only looking through MY eyes, I was looking through YOURS.

I tediously combed the Internet seeking permission to use photos, asking people about their pantries, asking sizes and how they liked certain features. I looked for photos that would show relationships, size perspectives, empty pantries, messy pantries, and charming vintage pantries. I looked for neat little details that I could put into my own kitchen that would give it that little something special. Example of roll-out pantry cabinets

When people found out what I was doing, they offered MORE pictures and stories. Can you believe people gave me their before and after pantry pictures? There are vintage butler pantries, charming pantries, super-serious stocking pantries, pantry cabinets, pantries under stairs, unusual pantries, and pantry doors.

I used my drafting skills as a kitchen designer to create pantry plans and designs - just what you were looking for and can't find anywhere else.

The result... "The Complete Kitchen Pantry Guide" - a book about designing a pantry, management and organization that you truly cannot get anywhere else. With its collection of over 200 pantry photos, I can promise you new discoveries that will get you excited about your pantry. I would expect nothing less and am thrilled to offer this collection to you.

"A wealth of information covering designing a pantry, pantry plans, management, and building tips to begin making the RIGHT decisions."

  • Kitchen pantry plans and diagrams to get your started.

  • Decorating ideas to create a charming pantry.

  • TEN pantry categories! Start imagining the possibilities - and be prepared to find the one style that will solve your pantry dilemma!

  • Super-Secret Organization Strategies includes a bonus mini-guide to storage goodies.

  • PANTRY PALOOZA! Make the most of your pantry - turn it into an organization machine with these unusual items you would have never thought of (hint: not your usual pantry fare!).

  • In "Let's Go Shopping" I offer strategic tips to get the best bang for your buck: freestanding, kits/systems, and cabinets are all covered.

  • "Building Considerations" includes: electricity, lighting, paint/finishing, flooring, shelving, ventilation, and temperature control - feel confident that you have thought of everything for your new pantry!

  • Don't miss the "Pantry Gripe" List, and avoid a mistake you'll be sorry to live with!

  • You'll love our PANTRY DOOR LIST that will get your brain thinking of a myriad of ways to spice up that humble pantry door.

  • Pantry Management - Find out about pantry preparedness, food rotation, buying in bulk, saving money on groceries, even battling pantry pests!

  • ....And the best for last.... A PHOTO GALLERY OF EVERY SHAPE AND SIZE PANTRY IMAGINABLE!... OVER 200 Photos!!


learn the pitfalls, pros & cons, so you can
get to the fun stuff... your very own dream pantry!

"I love pantries - this book was a delight."

"I'm using the reference charts for expiration dates of food for food rotation. Ms. Matt even covered pantry bugs! This book really is complete!"

Mary Stuart, Indiana

"Great resource - I'm glad to have it."

"My head was spinning ...really? TEN categories of pantries?? I don't think there is anything this book doesn't cover!"

Stacy Frienz, Arizona

"...ready to start designing my own pantry."

"I liked the drawings of the clearances. I've been trying to figure out how big I should make my pantry - the color illustrations were very clear and easy to understand."

Terry Jacobsen, West Virginia

"I can't wait for you to get all of this
pantry goodness into your hands today and
start the fun process of pantry planning!"

...but if you're still not feeling sure, I am always the gracious host - I offer a money-back, no questions asked guarantee if it is not everything you hoped it would be... but I have a feeling you will be pleasantly surprised!

- Renee Matt

Unconditional 100%
60 DAY Money-Back Guarantee!

I am so confident that you'll be more than satisfied with “The Complete Kitchen Pantry Guide" I am willing to offer you an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

Simply order the book and see what you think. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, notify me within 60 days and I will refund you every last cent, with absolutely no questions asked.

- Renee Matt


...This Complete Kitchen Pantry Guide is easily worth $29.95 with its 180+ -pages that provides ideas, inspiration, and valuable advice that is not available in book format anywhere else. To ensure immediately delivery, I have decided to to offer this in electronic format ONLY for just
$19.95! This is over a 33% savings!

I'm excited to be the only person on the Internet offering this book on pantry design. Won't you let it be the breakthrough to your design block? Wouldn't it be exciting to have all new ideas for your pantry beginning now?

Plus, You'll Receive These
Buyer's Bonus Files...

*Pantry/Grocery List
*Expiration of Food Guideline
*Menu Planner
*Staging a Pantry
*Pantry Bridal Showers

*Kitchen Design Planning List
*Questions for a Professional Organizer


an E-book (electronic book in PDF format) that is a PLEASURE to navigate. I avoided cheap PDF software, sparing no expense. Simply click on the bookmark icon on the left of the PDF and you have an instant clickable table-of-contents while your are reading - jump anywhere, anytime within the book. Consider it my gift to you - I really want you to enjoy your experience!

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The Complete Kitchen Pantry Guide
Exceptional Pantry Designs, Building & Management Advice

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