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Everything Pantry is a niche website created by Iowa farmwife Renee Matt in July of 2007.  In a past life, Renee designed kitchens in the Midwestern United States.  Today, she laughs that with a bustling farm family with three children, nothing could make her a better authority on kitchen design.


Over the years, Renee's interest was drawn to web design, and she was able to freelance web design work while raising her family. Eventually, it became clear to her that she wanted to maintain a website that focused on the home. Her passion for kitchen design and interest in exchanging ideas with other kitchen enthusiasts grew into the Everything Pantry website.


On an academic note, Renee earned her Bachelor's of Science from Iowa State University. Although she studied interior design, she eventually earned a degree in the related program "Housing and the Near Environment" focusing on kitchen design. Today, she works as a Technology Coordinator and Webmaster for a non-profit, maintains the Everything Pantry website, and keeps up with her active family.