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7 Reasons Why I love CookN Recipe Organizer Software


cookn dvo recipe organizer softwareYou can read my full article "15 Tips for Buying Recipe Organizer Software" If you just can't wait, visit the CookN Recipe Organizer website to get your copy.


This review is by the editor of Everything Pantry. Renee says that she tried out different electronic recipe organizers (paid $$$) and then found out that they couldn't do what she wanted them to do... that's why she is so happy with CookN - its fits her - not the other way around!


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1. I can use it the way I want to use it. I hardly had to use the Help menu - I could figure it out right away!


recipe organizer software


2. I can make my own categories that make sense to me.


electronic recipe organizer



3. I can search for a recipe to make something with my leftover mashed potatoes (or frozen spinach in this example)!


cookn recipe organizer software



4. I can seriously plan menus (it does shopping lists, too)!


digital recipe organizer



5. Even plan the entire year!


best recipe organizer



6. Printing - all kinds of sizes - even my own cookbook to share!


recipe organizer software



7. The CookN Recipe Organizer website has AWESOME SUPPORT, with FREE training videos and LOTS of well-known cookbooks I can import, including Taste of Home (you even get a free cookbook when you purchase CookN!!).


*These are just my FAVORITE features - there's a whole lot more that CookN can do!